Back in the bay, where I come to stay

Those last posts were from the past week or so that I didn’t update. Time to catch up and update for the interested. I just started a new book and haven’t been putting it down much. I’m picking up reading again. I might as well, it makes me feel refreshed and entertained when I read book after book. Plus, I love the way the brain works while reading and after, it’s all about the process and act of interpreting. it could be called brain exercise. Also, back to renting movies; Pi, and Palendromes. Palendromes is great in it’s own twisted sense… so i’ve now been watching todd solondz movies. I enjoy the dark sadistic humor of the man but lso enjoy his film directing and jewish “undertone” to his films. haha, it’s great. So, in the act of watching more movies and not finding some at blockbuster, I have finally joined netflix after a few years of being on the verge. It has happened, my movie knowledge and viewing is about to expand EPICALLY i must say.

Thursday night in san francisco…what to do?!

I believe the right question would be “what do I WANT to do… :)